July 7, 2018
Goshen Municipal Airport

Mark your calendars for the fastest, loudest, most exhilarating
Independence Day celebration in Michiana!

Come for the air show, stay for the Fireworks.

Aircraft & Attractions

Shockwave Jet

As one of the most popular air show and drag racing exhibition vehicles in the world, the Shockwave performance is not something you will soon forget!
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U.S. Army
Golden Knights

Cutting away a parachute on purpose. Passing a baton at 120mph. Flying the american flag at 12,000ft. Landing dead center on a target. That’s the U.S. Army Golden Knights.
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Dog Fight

Exciting, close-up jet Warbird action. Vintage F-86 and Mig-17 fighter jets recreate famous aerial dogfights that occurred over “Mig Alley” during the Korean War. The dogfight demonstration team performs at Airshows across the U.S.
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The Aerostar flight team has amazed crowds across the country with their Russian, Yak 52TW aircraft for more than a decade. Witness firsthand the teamwork, precision flying, and first class formation aerobatics that make the Aerostars so popular.
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One of Only Two Flying B-29s in the World For 42 years, Fifi was the only airworthy Superfortress. Now it has company. Rescued from the desert, Doc was painstakingly restored and flew again in 2016. Now it tours the country as a flying museum that honors one of the greatest achievements of the greatest generation.
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Mad Bomber

Mad Bomber Fireworks Productions is not your average fireworks company. Advanced technology plus supersized shells (16 inch) will make the largest fireworks show in the Michiana area.


Rob Holland is one of the premier airshow performers and competition pilots in the world today. His 21 international competition medals place him in an elite group of competitors. Each year, the Rob Holland Ultimate Airshow team reaches over 100 million media impressions. Rob performs in front of an average of 4.7 million live spectators.
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Jeff Kaney’s F-5 military fighter demo is new to the air show circuit. The Northrop F-5 has is still in service with militaries all over the world and It’s T-38 cousin continues to train the next generation of America’s brave combat pilots.

Army Aviation
Heritage Foundation

Honoring the men and women who have served in the U.S. Military and Army Aviation, our “Sky Soldiers” along with dedicated volunteers conduct patriotic flying presentations, public helicopter rides, educational presentations and more.
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Ace Maker
T-33 Demo

Ace Maker’s show is graceful, smooth, and elegant. From its opening photo pass, to itss vertical roll into a split-S, to a Cuban eight, to a minimum radius figure eight, inverted pass, and four point roll one must keep in mind this early jet is controlled by cables and pulleys, not by computers and hydraulics. On it’s knife-edge pass you’ll appreciate how beautiful this airplane truly is.

Shelton Wing
Walking Team

Greg Shelton has been performing in air shows since 1990. His interest in aviation began at an early age watching fire bombers in northern California and listening to his father’s adventures of flying fighter aircraft in the U.S. Navy The Wing Walker: Ashley Shelton was born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Her passion for aviation started at an early age building and flying model airplanes with her father.
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Boeing B-17
Flying Fortress

The Liberty Foundation B-17 Madras Maiden is restored to her combat configuration and painted in the colors of the 381st Bomb Group, and sporting the beautiful Madras Maiden nose-art, N3701G flies today to honor our veterans, educate current and future generations as to the high price of freedom and to preserve our aviation heritage.
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Enjoy the show on the flightline in the comfort of your own camper. No hookups. $300/spot. Only 10 spots available. Call us to reserve your spot today!


Ever been up close and personal with a MIG-17? What about an F-86 Sabre or an AD-1 Skyraider? No? Well this is your chance to see these beautiful Warbirds as they take to the skies of Goshen, Indiana.

Parking and Directions

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Cleared to run!

Run a 5K on the runway! Benefitting Scholarship winners from Goshen Middle School for a trip to Washington D.C.!

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Saturday July 7th, 2018
Fireworks after Dusk

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