July 1, 2017
Goshen Municipal Airport

Mark your calendars for the fastest, loudest, most exhilarating
Independence Day celebration in Michiana!

Come for the air show, stay for the Fireworks.

Aircraft & Attractions

Shockwave Jet Dragsters

From the same business that holds the record for the most powerful truck and fastest semi truck in the world, come the Shockwave Jet dragsters. Experience a drag racing performance of flames, heat, smoke, and ear deafening jet noise that is sure to be memorable.
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Heritage Flight

Experience a flight demonstration that ties together the old with the new. The F-22 Raptor/P-51 Mustang Heritage Flight commemorates the USAF and the aircraft that have defended our Nation. This is a dramatic display of USAF airpower and it honors the brave men & women who have served, or are currently serving in the USAF.
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Dog Fight

Exciting, close-up jet Warbird action. Vintage F-86 and Mig-17 fighter jets recreate famous aerial dogfights that occurred over “Mig Alley” during the Korean War. The dogfight demonstration team performs at Airshows across the U.S.
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The Aerostar flight team has amazed crowds across the country with their Russian, Yak 52TW aircraft for more than a decade. Witness firsthand the teamwork, precision flying, and first class formation aerobatics that make the Aerostars so popular.
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Pyro Demo



Ever been up close and personal with a MIG-17? What about an F-86 Sabre or an AD-1 Skyraider? No? Well this is your chance to see these beautiful Warbirds as they take fight over the skies of Goshen, Indiana.
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Warbird Rides

Take your Air Show experience to the next level with a flight in an AT6-G Texan. This is your opportunity to fly the greatest trainer…the “Pilot Maker”. The AT6 Texan trained our pilots to fly fighters during WWII.
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Saturday July 1st, 2017
Fireworks after Dusk

Cleared to run!

Run a 5K on the runway! Benefitting Scholarship winners from Goshen Middle School for a trip to Washington D.C.!

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